Bring your IoT applications from Concept to Reality

Whether you are dealing with picking the right device, certification or the platform, we will guide you through the process so that you can focus on the data


We can work with you to provide cross carrier certification. Review our list of Certified Devices across carriers to find out if your device is already certified. If your device is 5G , LTE, LTE-M, and NBIoT technologies, we can help bring it to market with the right certifications.


Leverage the huge network of sensors and smart devices connected by cloud services and analytics using our expert IoT consulting services. We help businesses to analyze data, create an actionable IoT design, and implement robust plans.


We can help identify the right device for your application


Local or Global. NB or LTE-M. We can provide you with the best rates globally


Our proven 'Module-to-Cloud" process ensures that all compliance needs are met


We can automate IoT SaaS billing for your customers.

Three steps to Deployment

1. Network Certified Device

You have to ensure that the end point device is network certified ( PTCRB/FCC) and has the right identifiers. We can hold your hand along the process.

2. Communication Protocol Parser

Given the fragmentation of the industry, there are numerous ways to optimize data traffic with custom and open protocols. We can help translate these into REST/GraphQL API's.

3. Monetization

The goal of all IoT applications is either revenue generation or cost savings. Subscription management is key for rapid adoption.

Here is how we have helped some of our customers

Emerson Climate case study
Emerson Climate Site Supervisor

Emerson's site supervisor is used in thousands of retail restaurants and stores. MachineCDN provides the firmware and cloud infrastructure for data analytics.

Grind2Energy - Generating Energy from Waste

MachineCDN helps Grind2Energy optimize their supply chain by providing real time data on gas cylinder levels across national locations.

Vertiv - Remote monitoring of Air conditioners

MachineCDN application enables Vertiv to monitor their commercial air conditioners for temperature set points and thresholds.

Some of Our Select Customers

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